How to get past the "Press ESC for alternate OS" in QNX 4.25?

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I have been trying to run QNX on a virtual machine for a while. I completed the setup, but didn't add a boot floppy so the machine hanged. I did the setup again, this time with a boot floppy and when I restarted the VM I saw a message saying "Press ESC for alternate OS." Pressing ESC does nothing. Does anyone know how to get rid of this?


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  • Does QNX continue to boot OK?

    Haven't tried that myself, buy my assumption would be that a VM might be running too fast to give you time to press the key,

    There are a few suggestions on this old newsgroup thread:

  • I read the message at the bottom of the thread, and it said that the boot file could be missing, or corrupted. It does say to look at chapter 11 of the QNX User Guide for more info, but I cannot find this said user guide which contains this chapter.
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