SQLWindows 1.3.x

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imageSQLWindows 1.3.x

SQLWindows is a powerful relational database system for Windows 2.x. It includes GUI SQL tools, and a GUI application generator. It can communicate with local single-user databases, SQLBase Server, Oracle, and DB2.

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  • The SQLWindows 1.3.1 Manuals here have a corrupted file. I tried with Windows, MacOS and Linux but to no avail. Those 4 of those 5 downloads aew by me trying the different platforms. Maybe the site admin could fix this?
  • Yup. It are corrupted. And one of the few flaws with 7zip is that it has no built in corrupt archive recovery.

    For not faint at heart:

    I suggest this, but only because the archive seems big enough to have all the data - perhaps just a corrupt header.

    I've never tried. But your situation just reminded me why I didn't use 7zip for a long time.
  • Thanks for pointing this out. I have re-uploaded the file. Please give it a try now.
  • Works like a charm. Thank you very much! :)
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