Foundations of Visual C++ Programming for Windows 95


  • Amazing MFC goes back to windows 95.
    For me, MFC was scary big, win32 API is simple enough.
  • "For me, MFC was scary big, win32 API is simple enough."

    True enough. Yet it's all the rage. My hands down favorite file Manager is Powerdesk. I use 2 versions: 5.17 from the Win95 era, and 9.03 from the Win10 timeframe.

    There has not been a single new feature added since the 5.17 edition, but it has gone from 31 megs to 236 megs - all done since the original developer/programmers left, and zit factory kiddies have been tasked with making it look "more modern", so they throw every "we do the hard work for you" library/class they can find at it.

    And then another to fix an unexpected glitch, then another for another glitch, and so on.

    And the public ends up with a diaper full of poo.
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    Is MFC still a think? (I mean being taught at schools.)
    I thought MS replaced it (focuses on) with .NET and C#?

    Powerdesk looks cool, I liked opus before switching to linux.
    I'll try out powerdesk 9... I found it here BTW:

    On windows, I use Q-Dir
    It's tiny but massive in features :lol: so for me, it'll be hard to beat.
  • That link is to one of my uploads. It's not going to be happy with anything above W95.

    This is 5.017 - I still use today on Windows 10, x64.

    Version 9 has an ET phone home licensing scheme - as every version of Powerdesk has since 6.x, and all Avanquest products for that matter. They are real a**holes to their customers, and have steadily lost market share for every product they acquired from top notch developers.

    Anyway, it can be worked around, but the method is one that requires some fiddling, difficult for the average Joe to get right, so I have not uploaded it as of yet.

    Version 7.44/7.45 is the very best of all the editions for XP thru 10, and also does the same ET phone home crap.

    I have tried and keep every File Manager ever written, and Powerdesk is my daily driver. I very rarely use the Windows desktop or Explorer for anything. PowerDesk is my GUI if you will.

  • Thanks for that :)
    That does look lean and mean!
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