How to use coding on 86box to add new rom machines

Hello my name is Tony and I am an autistic person and I am 31 years old and I love emulating machines on my Windows 11 laptop and I would like some help on correctly contributing new machines such as IBM and Compaq and packard bell and many more as I would love to learn c and other coding for new machines to 86box. Could I clone the the bios roms and machines from the retro web? (If at all possible)


  • Hi Tony,
    I have a vague understanding of emulators, the new ROM's are dump from the hardware and then the code is the glue that makes it work.

    I think dumping ROM is an art because it requires chips to be removed from boards.
    Not many people have those skills and want to remove chips from their hardware... I think they often get donor boards sent to them.

    Custom chips have to have surfaced removed and hi res images are taken to help reverse engineer what they do.

    So, I think the programming is probably the easier part of creating new emulated machine.

    Not sure if any of that helps tho.
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