Requesting a tester - hybrid ISO on real PowerMac G3-G4

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I have a Corel ISO circa 2003 in MDF format that I can verify the Windows side on, but lack hardware to confirm on the MAC side. Would appreciate an adventurous soul to download, confirm, and get a screenshot of the file system/ISO authoring info.

Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0, Windows Me, or Windows XP
Pentium II, 200 MHz or greater
64 MB RAM (128 MB is recommended, and required for Windows XP)

PowerMac & iMac G3 & G4
Mac OS 10.1
128 MB RAM


  • I've got a PPC Mac Mini I could try. How would one find the "ISO authoring info" you are looking for?
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    I renamed the MDF to ISO, I understand that generation PowerMAC understood ISO equally as well as DMG.
  • Oh! "ISO authoring info". Well, that's a trick, innit? On Windows, using UltraISO, I can see the tool used, date ISO was made, file system (ISO9660, Joliet, Win/UNIX 31, etc).

    Tho I did burn a few ISOs back when I had a System 10, I don't remember what tools I used. Maybe Toast will reveal?
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    Will take a look at that ISO whenever I can get some time. No CD burning software on this machine as I recall, just MacOS 10.5. Used to use it for torrenting.
  • I'm still a big fan of white vinegar.
    Finder should be able to open it - Cl
    orox that is.
    Yeah, I tried to pick a name that was unappealing. Archive org wouldn't let me upload it the first time around - gave me this "bad data" flag. Same as they are doing now with a current upload attempt. (see attached)

  • At least my download succeed. Often it gets most of the way through a huge download and then quietly fails and won't resume. BS.
  • Yup, happens with me too. As you noted before, some days uploads/downloads go fairly quick, other times, it crawls. No correlation I can find with time pf day either.

  • The ISO seems to work OK. It has been a while since I have messed with Mac CDs. But often MacOS X CDs will open fine in earlier MacOS - And the old version of Basillisk II that I have supports direct access to the CD-ROM drive (yet it won't "mount" ISOs).
  • Oh, danke, danke, danke !!!

    Clorox upload and my prior v11 upload will be bleached into non-existence, and a fresh 5 CD set will take their place. God only knows how long these have lurked on an old 512gb drive of mine, but I believe they are why I will not even attempt to upload to betaarchive.
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