[Offer] Software Carousel v5.02 - 1 Disk Image (720K) and Manuals

I found this at a used software store in the early 2000's, and it was branded by the original owner.

Software Carousel by SoftLogic Solutions is a program which allows you to use up to twelve of your application programs simultaneously, and then to switch back and forth among them quickly by HOTKEYing (pressing a pair of keys).

Software Carousel's virtual memory manager combines the following resources into a pool:

Low RAM (up to 640K)
Extended RAM (up to 9984K)
Expanded RAM (up to 9984K)
Disk File (up to 9999K)

Open Link Extender lets the user to switch a program off the screen, but still maintain the connection with a HOST system and have the added ability to receive data from the HOST in the background.

Snip'N'Snap adds the ability to exchange text data from the screen of any of the programs which are running, and then quickly transfer the data to any other program.

There is no disk scan. I threw out the disk years ago before I had a scanner.

Software Carousel v5.02


  • I just barely remember the brand. So, an early task switcher? Found a couple of product images, and it seems a cut above usual shareware stuff.
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