Kaspersky gets total ban within 100 days in USA

Who didn't see this coming, and in my view, long, long overdue.
From the very earliest days, when most "malware" was prankish and non-destructive in nature, the world sure has morphed.

There were the earliest shareware releases for specific programs, but interestingly, both McAfee and Kaspersky showed up almost overnight - offering their fixes for brand new malware - often in less than 24 hours. Things started getting serious around 1986.

A number of us had our suspicions that an small outfit like the above could hear of, then "fix" the problem. Of course, both of those company's software sold like hotcakes.
Anyway, we all should know by now, that the biggest players in cyber hacking, cyber blackmail, etc come from within Russia, it's states, and dear old China both state backed and funded, they - not petty proxy wars in 2rd world countries are our greatest threat.


  • Link to full story (for those that want to know more) > https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/articles/ceqq7663wd2o

    Also, according to this, anybody that happens to use Kaspersky have under 29th September to find an alternative to keep their systems secure (or if they want, just uninstall it for Windows Defender to come back in).
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