OFFER!!!... Plastic Animation Paper 4.0 Win32 Free 'Older' version Now, New Bloated Alpha No-Work XP

Coming across old link for Plastic Animation Paper 4.0 I remembered it took awhile to find cause at the time the site wanted you to sign up & kiss ass on fecesbook to download PAP4 & I knew it wasn't like that before>>>

So I spent time finding a wayback working link...

So downloading just now reliving the bad times... Going to the 'official site' now I see that it's called simply 'Animation Paper' with an alpha to download super bloated now from a 5 MB installer for PAP4 to a 145 MB installer for current whatever...

Of course I tried the portable won't run on XP anymore but if I wanted features I'd use Aura/Bauhaus/TVpaint which more suited & cooler too...

No just wanted the simple 5 MB PAP4 which is the oldest free one before that they were commercial product...

When you install it has projects that install too, You gotta install a 'Load' icon onto the main toolbar to load them in like so-

You then can load in the shite...

Direct Link PAP 4-


  • Didn't work for me in win10 VM, just a black window with a mouse pointer.
    I'll try out their newer 100MB version just out of curiosity.
  • The vm...The VM....The VM!...The VM!! The reality of it all!

    It turns my brain into a burned out crackpipe!...
  • Yes it's true.... I am a windows user impersonator :blush::rofl:
    You dont have to register to download the newer version, but you do to run it :anguished:

  • The Guy is doin' the same shit!... Just in a different way... Unbelievable!!

    Thanks for passing that info on!
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