Microsoft Office 2000 Bible and CD

edited June 26 in Software
One of many holy grails for me. Office 2000 was the first over-the-top bloatware I ever owned, and the printed copy of O2K Bible was equally obese. 3-4 copies stacked could be used for putting your car up on blocks.

The PDF is no longer available on - not even for loan-out. I'm very concerned that the copyright nazis will take it down, so have buried it in another existing O2K archive I've uploaded previously.

The separate PDF was scanned by in 2010 - but we no longer have access to it. The CD also contains the book, but it is divided into separate PDFs for each chapter. Office 2000 Bible PDF &

EDIT - 2nd upload here: 2000 Bible PDF _ CD 1.0/?id=18290

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