[OFFER] Microsoft Windows 3.1 build 071 and Microsoft Windows 3.1 build 057

Windows 3.1 build 057 contain famous AARD code.

The warez dump of this build has been installed previously, and Setup shows the previous registration info to be "Steve _Ginny Reddoch" (shown as "Steve & Ginny Reddoch" in the OS itself) and "TAC Enterprises" for the username and company respectively.

Windows 3.1 build 071 is a build of Windows 3.1 listed in a French Microsoft Knowledge Base article, as well as mentioned several times in an internal Microsoft document from February 1992.

The KB article describes an issue when Word for Windows 6.0 is started on this build - a general protection fault (GPF) is encountered in OLE2.DLL. This issues also happens on builds 068 and 070, and potentially other builds from that range, according to the article.

According to the internal document, several third-party applications were tested on this build.

It is part 500gb BBS Warez Scene Weak was leak and shared on June 23, 2024.

Download Links:
Build 071
Build 057


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