Novell SFT NetWare 286 II v2.0a

Novell SFT NetWare 286 II v2.0a, including contemporary cracks "KeyCard Eliminator"/"GEN$KEY" by NetWork Business Systems and NetSAFE by NASDEC (Manitoba) Inc.

ARC-compressed CopyIIPC floppy images of Novell SFT NetWare 286 II v2.0a were uploaded to "The WaREZ HouZE Super System" BBS on 1989-08-02.

The contemporary crack "NetSAFE 2" sold at the time for $99 by a Canadian (Winnipeg-based) company called NASDEC (Manitoba) Inc. was uploaded twice to "The WaREZ HouZE Super System" BBS; one ARC-compressed on 1989-02-08 and once ZIP-compressed on 1989-06-01. The ARC-compressed version is provided here.

The contemporary crack "KeyCard Eliminator", also known as "GEN$KEY", sold at the time for $99 by a Texas-based company called NetWork Business Systems was uploaded to "The WaREZ HouZE Super System" BBS on 1989-07-12. The ZIP file provided is using an earlier compression format that most modern tools do not implement; use PKUNZIP to unzip this file.


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    OS2 Museum source:
    "Novell NetWare has quite a long history, but the older parts of it are now almost completely lost. In the mid-1980s, Novell offered Advanced NetWare, NetWare ELS, NetWare SFT, and other members of the NetWare 286 family.

    With the partial exception of so-called non-dedicated NetWare 2.x servers, version 2.x and later of NetWare always had dedicated server machines with clients (called “shell” in the old days, later “workstation”) for DOS, OS/2, Macintosh, and more."

    Geocities source:
    "Two versions of NetWare are available, Advanced NetWare 286 and System Fault Tolerant (SFT) Netware 286.
    - SFT provides disk mirroring and disk duplexing (software mechanisms for making copies of disk data).
    - NetWare OS is programmed to recognize signals from UPS. It knows when the power is being supplied from UPS and how much time is left.
    - SFT allows the NetWare Transaction Tracking System (TTS). An application can treat a series of database update as a single operation- either all of the updates are made or none are made."
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