NT NewShell

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And now:

"Windows NT 3.50.854 NewShell (Complete)"

Publication date 1994-11-18

"This is a complete copy of NewShell for NT build 854, with a complete (not truncated) WINSRV.DLL, originally leaked by Dark Lord of SCOTCH in 1994 (they would later join PWA).

The widely available copy of the build had the first ARJ archive part extracted from the original scene release, but not the second part, leaving WINSRV.DLL truncated at 1264073 bytes.

Both ARJ parts were extracted (with WINSRV.DLL at its complete length of 1802160 bytes), and zipped up for this upload. The ARJ file format does not preserve created/modified dates for directories, so I set all directory created/modified dates to those listed for the ARJ archive itself (the first part), that being three days after most of the NewShell components were compiled."

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