OFFER!!!... Terragen 0.9.43 Win32... The Easiest Terragen No Nodal Networks... Full Key>>>

Was pondering what to upload on this because I have massive overwrite folder with all kinda stuff but figured few would use it anyway so made this all much smaller...

Many Peeps think this old Terragen is freeware, nope it's always been crippleware... Sure it works if you install but resolution & render options limited plus no animation...

this has key you put in root directory after install or use included KG for more personalized...

This old Terragen still preferred by many for ease of operation you see starting with version 2 everything went to nodal networks then only those at planetside knew what was going on & everybody mostly got through scenes by taking a scene someone else shared & modifying it, studying networks & such...

In this mostly start out makin' a water plane-

Then creating a terrain to poke up through-

Then coloring terrain in some way-

Well, that's crappy but you get the idea, through addons & plugins more power is at hand... A few years ago I did a render 'Toilet Boil Reservoir' where I used a plug & other to create foamy surf next to shore & differential brackishness on water surface... Certainly increased rendertimes 14.5 HRs on an old dv4000 with 1.6 GHZ speed 1.5 GB RAM single core yeah i tried it on a crappy machine just to see-

The shore was to be 'photoshop adorned' with skeletons, carcasses, piles of feces & toilet paper plus needed more yellow haze which would probably make it a 24 HR render on that machine...

Lost the original render somewhere...

Anyway matters NOT... Pass is WinWorld


Also included a folder fulla ancient versions just because...

Some good stuff has been done-


  • I was hoping this would export to a 3D model, I guess it's just image generation.
  • Unfortunately that would be a bad guess... It will export as it is to LWO-

    Imported into C4D XL7 AS a LWO everything looks put together right-

    There's also addon plugin for DXF/OBJ/RIB-

    Which exports a light mesh for OBJ-

    In this old Terragen it's the panels that have all the goods-

    Not only that there's a plugin for MAX 3.1 & also C4D that I have used in XL7 probably works to R9.6...

    Let me know if you need the addon export...
  • Thanks for that, it worked great!

  • Cool makin' use of MarbleClay there, how does it handle the poly count?

    Came across links for interesting videos this guy did TWO similar but different about Terragen, I am talking the later 'Node Network' Terragens that are VERY hard to master sure you can get a scene done but getting to a level of mastery is most difficult...,

    He was given a node network for an exotic cliff face-

    How the hell are you supposed to decipher that?!!

    Everything he says in the vids are true though no kidding...

  • MarbleClay struggles with the default size, then freezes.
    But handles smaller sizes just fine.

    That node based stuff, that's the future of programming... unfortunately!
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