Need help identifying CP/M 86 3.1 package

before I upload some floppy disks I need some help identifying what it is exactly.
I have 2 binders related to CP/M 86 3.1, but with the same set of floppies.

Binder 1

Binder 2

Any idea what it is exactly and if it's already uploaded in the library or not ?


  • What confuses me is that the binder says it’s the operating system but none of the disks are bootable.
  • CompuPro is not an IBM PC compatible machine. Your binder does not match the disks. This is not for IBM PC.

    Not precisely sure what "CompuPro" machine this is for. I thought the 8/16 used 8" disks. Probably the CompuPro 10 or CompuPro 10 Plus.

    On a lot of this Digital Research stuff, the only place they state that is on the binder's sticker.

    Do both disk sets have identical contents?

  • Yes, both disk sets have the same content, it's just the documentation which differs from one binder to the other.
    After reading the introduction of th manual I think that it's a cp/m development package, with source code, that can be used to customize cp/m to different machines.

    I confirm that I can read content of disks when booting first on an IBM PC compatible with CP/M 3.1 boot disk (which is not included in this package).

    Disks 1-3

    Disks 4-6

  • Ah, OK, that explains a few things. That is why there is both a disk for "PC" and "Compupro".

    In which case "boot" probably means sources to make a boot disk, not an actual boot disk.

    Very confusing that DR just calls this "Concurrent CP-M/86 Operating System", but traditionally with CP/M DR did not provide compiled bootable media for end users - that was the job of the OEM.
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