OFFER!!!... EarthSculptor 1.1 Win32 With Manuals... Terrain Creation From Yesteryear>>>

This had also a iClone plugin but did not include it as probably nobody needs it & no it won't work on real old iClones I think you gotta have iClone 4...

But this outputs to OBJ plus any texture maps you might paint up OR just height map...

Pretty simple to use but, BUTT! It has included a KEYGEN!...OMG NO!... So let it be known there's NOTHING sinister in it, everything I use open or look at gets scanned with ESET... If you put it up on VirusTotal or VirusBogus it will automatically flag it having the BIRD FLU, AIDS, LEPROSY or anything else for the fact it has file name 'Keygen'...

Folks the joke is in the title 'VirusTotal' means that TOTALLY everything will be flagged as having a VIRUS...

BTW you can lower the LOD until it's so low poly it's garbage-

Or NOT... Paint your Earthen domain-

Pas is WinWorld



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    Nice! Thanks for sharing!
    I like this a lot more than Terragen, this is pretty useful actually... it's not perfect it's okay.

    I dont know why it exports the .obj file (with texture UV's) and the texture image separately... It's a pain in the aresz to join again. :s
    Basically you edit the .obj and add this line under #terrain:
    mtllib texture.mtl

    Then create the texture.mtl files with:
    newmtl texture
    Ka 0.00 0.00 0.00
    Kd 1.00 1.00 1.00
    Ks 0.00 0.00 0.00
    Ns 0
    map_Kd my.png

    Where my.png is your texture image.


    Tthe LOD is only a visual effect, ie if you have a big model and want to save CPU/GPU you can turn down the LOD
    But the exporter has a LOD level, so that's okay.

  • Great job giving EarthSculptor a nice 'Rodgering'...

    Yeah, Back when it was out I remember some complaints but not the specifics as it was from iClone folks...

    Fear not I got quite a few more terrain app... Soon to install Mojoworld on this machine so then I will share that one have all the challenge planets & the volumetrics plugin...

    BTW it pays to poke around I was messing with the terrain primitive in XL7 yesterday & noticed for first time it had a 'spherical' option & all this time I was trying to create bumpy-lumpy sphere's using standard sphere with matrix extrude which was always too uniform...crap!

  • That is an impressive feature!
  • Yes, I agree on that... Before that I thought the most impressive feature was the Xmas Tree you get opening it up every Dec 25th-

    I am pretty sure this XL7 is the last version that easter egg was in...
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