OFFER!!!... Caligari trueSpace 7.51 With V-Ray Win32 - Last 'Scene Release' Before Freedom>>>

Seems like when many a program is bought out then released as free somebody has taken a 'POOP' in the code... Might be what is wrong with tS 7.61 I certainly know the compilation crammed with as many plugs as possible is unstable as hell plus how do you learn it when it's so different from the original tutorial videos?

This is the last scene release before it went free, much more stable than the later 7.6s plus you install, then run the V-Ray installer into same directory then V-Ray integration is DONE!!... It even then thusly defaults to V-Ray rendering...

Then if you wish you can install your OWN chosen plugs not everything out there like a mindless baboon... That way if one ends up makin' it unstable you can remove it and wait for it...LEARN!

This also includes PDFs installer so good to go if you need video tuts you can get them from Cellulo's site-

You could alternatively download the big pig version install it then cherry pick out plugins & resources if you got 1.2 GB HDD space to spare...

Pass is WinWorld


Oh, This does have a KEYGEN!... You see me running it here, machine hasn't exploded nor has it for the 14 years I've had this around even though Thor is the God of Computer Viruses-

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