2 network cards

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I have 2 network cards in my comp. How do I configuer this computer so I can plug my notebook into it and access the net on my note book also.


Windows XP Pro SP2 on both comps.


  • Ok, use ICS and a crossover cable

    make the laptop hook up to the desktop (in ICS) and connect the crosover cable into the laptop and the desktop.
  • Use Keiro WinRoute and a crossover cable.

  • set XP to bridge the connection
  • BOD wrote:
    set XP to bridge the connection

    Okay. Let me see if I can figuer out how to do that.
  • right click on one of the adapters and select bridge
  • BOD wrote:
    right click on one of the adapters and select bridge

    Yay! It worked!
  • hmmm, i might try that
  • too bad it wont work with dialup :( Oh well
  • do you need a crossover cable even for the bridge?
  • well, unless you wanna hook the laptop to the router/hub (patch cable)

    otherwise, yes
  • yeah, I figured I'd need a crossover for the network things I have in mind. Guess I'll be going over to cat5ecableguy.com someday.
  • well, unless you wanna hook the laptop to the router/hub (patch cable)

    otherwise, yes

    I had a crossover cable already, so it worked out. I don't seem to need one however. Works fine with a patch cable.
  • Hmmmm, maybe XP does the crossing over in the network card? I know some hubs / routers can do that... but I didnt think / know that Windows could do it.
  • i wouldn;t have thought it did but i know that happened to me before but i can't remember how to get back to it.... anyways if you have a cable or dsl connection its easy to give the notebook a internet connection just bridge the connection, however with dail up you can still do it but you need to install somthign liek wingate to connect.... ICS was shit it disconnected a lot and then eventually stopped working.... however wingate is easy to use....i have it installed on my p4 so that i can go online with my 486's or that molly can go online when she comes over
  • ICS works fine for me, i use a crossover cable. only problem with mine is that its broken at both ends so whenever i move my laptop the server gets disconnected.

    as far as im aware only win XP can bridge connections.

    *tries 2000*
  • 2k cannot bridge connections.
  • yeah i read some where that XP and higher are the only ones that can bridge network connections
  • When I had my frist Windows9x/NT network I used ICS and it worked great for a day. The next morning all of the systems didn't see eachother at all. The PC that had the DSL was able to ping domains but couldn't access any websites or use any software that needed a internet connection. I built a server and install Win2k server and slaped on Wingate. It worked great but I couldn't get my 6GB a day fix on IRC. (Yes I use to download about 6GB of files a day on IRC) I would get auto killed and I had to end up using a SOCKS4 proxy. Besides that it worked great. I finaly broke down a year later and bought a router. Before I switched to Linux I would use Wingate for a few things, like a File Server.
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