PSU? Maybe......

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Heya Pplz,
Today, when putting a FDD in My Computer
Something happened, like it was working one min
then when i turned it off, and back on again,
all i can hear is a little buzz, coming from my PSU.
I disconnected the HDD and CD-ROM etc.... and turned
the power on, Still, only a Buzz....
Do you think my PSU is Dead? its about
7yrs old. Came with the pc.....


  • 1) You should be grounding yourself or hopefully you unplugged it.

    2) Is it ATX? With ATX's the mainboard contrals the PSU becuase the button is hooked to the mainboard, not the PSU like AT. Well, if it is if the mainboard doesnt start, then the PSU wont, so check your config over. I'm too tired to think now...
  • Ooooh... I guess your power support is really dead... :(
  • If its AT style, unplug it from the mainboard and drives then turning it on. If the fans spin up then you found your problem.

    If the fan doesnt spin up, you got a problem. Most of the time your fuse probly just broke. this is a common thing to happen when the PSU is broken. Just take out the fuse, go to radiorippoff or whatever you have and get a new one.
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