PC in a macintosh performa case

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I have an old and VERY slow macintosh performa 6200CD that I gutted for parts. I had no need for the case so I stuck an old AT/ATX motherboard inside. (It fits great) however there is one problem I need a small power supply as a full size PSU will not fit inside the case where the mac's PSU was.
(even if the PSU's components are removed from it's case)

Any ideas?

Thanks for any advice you can provide :)


  • you mean you cant even take your AT PSU, remove the parts from the inside and put it inside the Mac PSU case?
  • I think i may have to modify the PSU by cutting the fins which will require more cooling which is already a problem with the Performa's bad case design (they are known to overheat) so for now I guess an external Power Supply will work the best

  • i think that a mini-itx power supply could help.
  • try and get hold of an OEM psu (dell, hp etc)
  • The Motherboard i'm using needs an AT PSU (two separate sets of wires plugging into the motherboard P8 & P9) I suppose I could modify a mini-itx psu but i'm not sure it would work.

    If anyone is interested here are the dimensions of the space the old mac PSU was:

    Length= 7.5 in.
    Width= 2.5 in.
    Height/Depth= 3.0 in.
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