Overclocking (CPUs)

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how fast have you overclocked your processor?

I've not tried for overall speed on my little 1.3 duron... but i've gotten the FSB upto 140MHZ (from the 100mhz it shipped with), while lowering the multiplier and ratio's so that i was only OCing the FSB


  • I got from 1.4GHz to 1575MHz, then put it back...

    I had a 350MHz going 400...
  • come to think of it... i've got a pentium MMX 166mhz running my server... OC'd to 232mhz, lol
  • I never had much luck overclocking Intel crap but I've over clocked tons of AMD CPUs. I had a AMD K6/2 at 500MHz and I over clocked it to 550MHz.
    Also I had a AMD Duron at 900MHz and I overclocked it to 1GHz.
    AMD MP at 2.3GHz and over clocked it to 3.7GHz but I had tons and tons of cooling power in the system to keep it there. I was only about 50 degrees over the rec temp. I sold that 3.7GHz montser and I heard that it burnt out. I knew it would happen sooner or later lol.
  • I tired to overclock my 200GHz 2% and it restarts!

  • 200Ghz ;-) I want one :angel:
  • It's supposed to go at 3.2GHz (Hence the name) (Or something like that), but I'm running it in x86 comatibility mode, so it's performace if probably much less.

  • I got a 266MHz at 300MHz. runs pretty nice. I stuck it in my 400MHz mobo and tried to shoot for 333MHz, but didnt go too smooth. I also had a 233MHz at 266MHz then 300MHz...dunno if it did any damage. I just stuck it in once to play with it, now its in my drawer. lol.

    I also have a 120MHz60 that I either run at 133MHz/66 or 110MHz/75(keep changing)

    And.......I used to have a 90MHz at 100MHz, but stuck in a 100MHz because.......I just did.
  • haha... that's alot of processors
  • How far do you think I could overclock these two CPUs:

    Intel Pentium III 550 MHz

    Intel Pentium I 166 MHz
  • 550MHz - no more than 633MHz

    166MHz - no more than 200MHz, possibly 233MHz
  • I bet he can only het 600MHz and 200MHz out of them.
  • My P3-500 runs a 5x100, I put it on 5x133 once, that's 665Mhz. It completed the POST succesfully, haven't tested any further. I also have a Compaq P150@200mhz, passive cooled. It wouldn't run on windows, but under OS/2 warp 4 it runs VERY stable. Only the FETs are running hot, but I don't care.
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