Windows Longhorn

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do any of you guys know the link to the windows longhorn iso?


  • I've been looking for a copy that works, I've tried downloading one and when it was corrupt. So if anyone knows of a FTP or HTTP server that has LongHorn please let us know.
  • hello, quiet night, but certainly not so much,

    this is my bet.

    i found this real interesting site.

    please check it out for me, bucause i can't due to my poor internet connection 28k sometimes,

    you may reply if it works or not,
    thanks. ... 51_2.shtml

    this site claims tho have the 4051 build of w*Lng*hrn,

    there are 23 filez and the pass is :""" """" , without the """ """" ok. good luck and let me and all know. hopefully works.
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  • Remember the serial part

    CKY24-Q8QRH-X3KMR-C6BCY-T847Y posibly works with the build.
  • check tomchus for build 4053
  • I could dig a copy of Longhorn... i had the first one that was leaked, and then 1 or 2 after that, but i've not played with it since then. If i could get a working link it'd be apreciated :D thanx
  • I've got a copy of Longhorn 4051, I forget where I got it from though. :roll:
  • Can anyone confirm about that russian website?
    I only have a a 56K (7KBp/s) connection ( :( ) and don't want to try...

    -- Joe[/quote]
  • What r ya gonna run it on!?

    the system requirments r gonna be something like a 5 ghz processor, and 2 gb of ramm
  • Anonymous wrote:
    Can anyone confirm about that russian website?
    I only have a a 56K (7KBp/s) connection ( :( ) and don't want to try...

    -- Joe
    got the iso from russian site
    after download it has sys reqiurements
    came down fast enough using DIRECPC
  • LOL. Yeah, I heard LH DOES need alot to run good. I think Q's PC would do nicely. (sarcasticly)Hey Q? wanna be our ginea pig? :D

    And never goes past 7K...Even when I was on a 56K I bumped from 4-5 and then to 3 then to 4. I checked my eMail and it went down to 2.
  • Sigh, alright, I've got a space 20GB.

  • i heard longhorn needs a fast comp to run good
  • I've got an A64/1GB RAM, I think I'll try.

  • What's the latest Longhorn build?
  • I think it's still 4051 isn't it? the one that was given out at the confrence?
  • Well, 5 GHz, 2 GB RAM, that sux...
    And none of the links worked...neither the FTP site or the russian site...
  • Get Shareaza or some other G2/G1 protocol client and get it from there.


    PS. Be sure to read the reviews.
  • longhorn is a bitch to get!!!!
  • not when you know the right people. Its TOO easy to get, all you gotta do is join I forgot how I got my copy, I think it was there.

    theres 2 FTP's there, but YOU NEED THE LOGIN, just scope the forum u ntil you find it, its there.., and I Not 100% of the address's. I may go back and download Yellow Box.
  • Just get on IRC and go on and search for it.
  • 1. P2P SUX!!!

    1.None of those sites work...

    2. IRC is like a chat, right?? how am I gonna download something from there?!!
  • irc is good....ircspy is where i download my cds from/ software
  • IRC - Internet Relay Chat

    Its a P2P system and does way more stuff then any other P2P program.
  • QQ
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    TCPMeta wrote:
    Its a P2P system and does way more stuff then any other P2P program.

    Pfft. IRC is confusing, I'll always use Aza/Gnutella.

  • IRC is SLOW, like, LONG lines
  • Its slow because other people are downloading from that server and also people want files from the same server witch makes queues. To me it's easyer to just look for it the hard way with out using Just go in a channel and message some people if they have a copy of a program you want and make a deal with them.

    Heres something better, go back to the root and join a BBS server. BBS servers have changed so you don't dail in.

    Or if you're smart and know your ISP's POP3 and SMTP addresses you can use Newsgroups and get Longhorn super easy and super fast.
  • I have the 4051 PDC edition it installed on a virtual machine and it took minutes to open the my computer screen...and probably an hour to remove all the crap making it look "classic" again. Give me a place to upload it to (FTP) and I can try.
  • I have 4015 and it sucks.

  • Ooohh...and where can I download it?? (IRC)
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