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How do you back up your data? I've got an old Pentium MMX machine with 2 massive hard disks in it (aka: fileserver) that I backup to every few weeks... my main machine with a 2gb Jaz drive (for stuff I'm working on) and a DVD+/-RW drive for stuff I've finished

Iomega stopped making the Jaz drives, but they're still the best in my opinion. Orb drives suck like... yeah.


  • Whoops, forgot 8.5" floppies ::D
  • Darn it, and punch cards ::D
  • haha... i use a second HD, but i'm not opposed to the idea of using 8.5" floppies, or Punch Cards ;-) I've got a 5.25" floppy drive installed on my 1.3Ghz Duron :D
  • I use a harddrive copyer now. I was smart and bought two hard drives and installed everything with my FTP crap and then took both hard drives to work and used the harddrive copyer and copyed everything over to the other hard drive. Also I have a swap kit that lets me swap out my hard drives in a heart beat.
  • Well, as of now I'm setting up a backup server in the near future to backup using a program I obtained called PowerQuest Drive Image. I hope to someday get a drive or two that will give me as much backup space as I have storage space in all my systems. (Even though the program compresses the files somewhat) The backup that I've tried to the network sucks, but that's only becacuse my Domain fell apart and I have to rfmt my Domain Controller sometime.
  • I copy my crap to my 300GB netwk server.

  • i want a 300GB server :-(
  • Buy a 300GB HD and stick it in a P166! That's what I did:D

  • hehehehe, i've got just the computer for it :D but sadly i lack the funding for such a venture :-(
  • It's not that much (Considering that it's a 300GB HD), if you get it from Maxtor, they'll even though in a free ATA133 PCI card!

  • I cheated... my file/web server has 240gb, but it's actually just got 2 80gbs and 2 40gbs (the 80s are on the primary master and slave, 40s on the secondary master and slave)

    I use realVNC to administer it, don't even have a monitor on it
  • heck yeah man, that's about what i had going on for awhile... i didn't have a monitor, keyboard, or mouse attached to it, and used realVNC to do anything that was needed
  • rubenerd wrote:
    Darn it, and punch cards ::D

    ooh, thats what i use! (knocks box of punch cards onto floor) aw crap, (throws punch cards in trash!)
  • I use a secondairy Maxtor 20.4gig 7200rpm drive as backup, because it is sooo slow. It's broken, and it doesn't reach transfer rates above 500kb/sec...
  • Well I have a few ways. My rack server doesn't have any monitors, keyboards and mice. I use RealBNC for controling and maintaing them and some times use CYGWIN and SSH the systems. Also I got a DVD burner and that comes in very handy for quick backups. I made a backup of my FTP today before anything happens to it. I got seven SCSI hard drives that i'm thinking to add to my FTP server as soon as I can get a SCSI contoller card. The drives vary from 30GB to 120GB. Also i'm going to cram in more IDE drives in it. Its going to be loaded. Also with furter planing I might have to make a case for the drives because my rack server uses small desktop cases. Also right now i'm working on a Perl script that will backup all of my computers to a PC that has a 160GB hard drive (All of the inportment files that is) over the network, as you can see i'm being very careful because I hate losing files.
  • SSH? I use SecureCRT to SSH into my servers.

    ..and you forgot to add DVD+RW (or DVD-RW) to that.. That's what I've been using.
  • OOPs, sorry, Heres the DVD+RW produt I have Pioneer DVR-A07U

    Write Speed
    DVD-R: 8x
    DVD-RW: 4x
    DVD+R: 8x
    DVD+RW: 4x
    CD-R: 24x
    CD-RW: 24x

    Read Speed
    DVD-ROM (SINGLE) : 12x
    DVD-ROM (MULTI) : 8x
    DVD-R, DVD-RW: 8x
    DVD+R, DVD+RW: 8x
    DVD-RAM: 2x
    DVD-Video: 2x
    CD-ROM: 40x
    CD-R, CD-RW: 32x
    CD-DA (DAE) : 40x
    CD Audio: 9.3x

    ATAPI (PIO Mode4/Multi Word DMA Mode2). Ultra DMA 33 (Ultra DMA Mode2)

    Data Buffer
  • DO you mean BNc or VNC?

  • i use a second harddrive on another pc
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