What's with the useless NT3.5 &3.51 server files?

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I've downloaded both NT3.5 & NT3.51 server files,They are incomplete.
Do you check them once you archive them?Winrar reports an unexpected endof file.They are clearly only half the size they should be.
ANYWAY, nice effort.


  • I guess it was just an error during download... I got them all, they work right...
    Maybe the error lies in your WinRAR? Try sth else...
  • Nope, I got the download okay.
    The downloaded file matched the size as described.
    Different versions of Winrar,as well as Unrar all say
    the same thing.
    Unexpected end of file.
    It's a shame, I need NT3.51 for an old DEC
    EasyWebserver Alpha.
  • Yeah nt 3.51 server is incomplete
  • do you mean full CD? just do not use ALPHA directory, use only i386 from there
  • No dude it says this archive has an unexpected end. and its only 14 MB instead of 50.....
  • Damn! You have to ask Q in that case... Mine did it well...
  • server shouldnt be incomplete......

    the disc worked fine before i uploaded it
  • OK I have the 2 RARs and both open fine for me. Whoevers hosting them should check theirs and re-get them from me if neccisary.

  • Thanks for the responses.
    Looking forward to downloading the complete files.

    Thank You
  • OK, let me look into this :-|
  • NT 3.51S is fine, all 170MB are there... Ill try NT 3.5 too...

    Im assuming your connection broke or something.
  • There was a CRC error during downloading... try to redownload that file.
  • Slash wrote:
    There was a CRC error during downloading... try to redownload that file.

    exactly, the dl fucked up, if you redownload it should be fine.
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