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OMG I got this amazzing kbd from the road on the way to H!

It has:

126 keys total (As the title indicates), with NO Windows keys.
2 sets of Function (F1, F2, etc) keys up to F12.
Diagonal cursor keys (In the center is a "Turbo" key)
A battery (!)
A Windows calculator (Standard mode) keypad WITH LED readout WITH memory (Had 40801162. in it when I got it) that can function as either as keypad or calc
A weird sortof paper memory display stand up top.
Other smaller goodies.

I have NO idea who/what/where/why/how other then "Focus Electronics, Co., Ltd.



  • can you post a pic? it sounds cool.
  • Umm, I'll try and requisition the camera this weekend. It's filthydirty, but I may be able to clean it off...

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