I Need 95C

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Hello Everyone! I have 2000, but I have no CD-R's to burn the ISO to, and my disc is really scratched. I cannot install 2000 from DOS, even if I use WINNT.exe because it says that it cannot install the OS Loader or something like that. Does anyone have 95C so I can install on my FAT32 Partition, becasue I also have a NTFS one but ME bootdisk wont delete it under NON-DOS partiton using FDISK. Then I can install 2000 on my NTFS partition and upgrade 95 to 2000? Thanx


  • http://www.ridgebacktech.co.uk/ABW/-Ope ... 95%20C.iso

    be sure to look at the winworld dl's first.
  • NTL, that 2000 cd is self bootable....
  • Thanx WingZero. I will try the ISO. I dont have any CD-R's on hand so I cannot use the 2000 bootable CD feature. Thanx --Nick
  • yes... yes you can. Simple mount the ISO image in the VMware program.... go into the bios settings and make sure the cd-rom is set higher then the hard drive in the boot menu.
  • WingZero, It wont let me download it... It's OK anyway. I put my HDD in my Compaq and extracted the ISO onto the HDD and the 95 Setup cabs and files, then i installed 95A (what I have) then did a clean install of 2000 Pro. I had to go into the Computer Managment in Xp to delete the Partitions on My HDD to make a Fat16 and an NTFS one. I installed 2000 before on the same PC, then installed IE 6 and formatted my c: drive (2000 main files is on d:) and I guess there were boot files on C: and it wouldnt start, so i made sure I backed up 2000...

  • not the approach I'd take... but ok....
  • not the approach I'd take... but ok....

    That approach is rather odd, but as long as it works....its all good.
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  • Uh... run while you can, bringing up an old topic is looked down upon by some....
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