Old Compaq p2 233

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My old Compaq that was at my sisters house the one that died last week. Well earlier i got it to turn on. It seems like its turning on when it wants to.
Im thinking it could be something in the powersupply. Maybe i can change the fuse i done that once on another computer. Well anyway its worth a try. I had my 13 gig harddrive in that computer and had xp pro installed. I restored 98 with restore CD and can't remember what i did to kill it l.o.l


  • Check power cable and the PSUs connection to the motherboard.

  • Or maybe an Ethernet card with Wake On LAN which is gone berserk?
    Or check the BIOS if there is an option to turn on the computer on a certain time. My P3 has it.
  • sometimes computers aren't totally dead. they need a break sometimes when they are off.

    i can relate. I have this eMachine that my aunt gave my sister to use. the cd-rom died so then I never used the computer until like 3 months later. i gave it another try and the cd-rom now sometimes works but only with certain CDs.

    The power supply could be the problem possibly. Do some research on google or compaq.com. Do you have the manuals? that could help as well.
  • What kind is it? aNd what does it do?

    If its a Deskpro XL, the case fan needs to be plugedinto the mainboard in order for the thing to turn on, or the lights will just blink.
  • It is a Compaq Presario 5110. The PSU is plugged in the board. And it has on board ethernet and no wake on lan.

    Spaces added :)

  • Put a few spaces in there, I could get it, but it's reather hard to understand.

  • Well i got it working. I think memory was not in good. One of the clips that click when you put in memory broke. Well im loading Windows 2000 Pro its got 96 Mb Ram.
  • I was going to say try flashing the BIOS to a updated one. lol
  • Flashing the BIOS is not going to fix that broke clip. It just acme off it didn't really break. I could get it back on if i tried hard enough. I found a 128 Mb stick now its got 128 Mb Ram.
  • Well, it always worked for me with one clip. I remember breaking a clip on my one PC. I ran memory tests and all worked fine. But, I took didnt wanna risk it crashing and took the "system board" off a spare PC.

    (my old 486, they had system board that held the memory and CPU. pretty cool machine, 66Mhz, runs like a 100, had 5 DIMM slots with 8MB onboardlettingmy stick in40MB.And when otherOEM's were using 400MB, these had 1.6GBs. But These were origionally bought by the electric company, donated to the school in 1994. Might not be stockbecause half them did have 40MB when I found them. all running 98. BLEH!)
  • I havn't broken a SDRAM or DDR slot yet. I did break a old 30pin SIMM slot on a 286. I had to use a tie strap for the damn ram module to stay in.


    The flashing idea was a idea back before you found out what was wrong, I ment to post back when you started the thread but I had to go to work. Oh well, glad to hear it was something easy to fix.
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