Applebred in Asus A7V...?

edited October 2004 in Hardware
OK, so I had a 1.4GHz Duron that ran AMAZING in an MSI board... the MSI board fried, but the chip still works perfect.... now, what I want to do is get the Duron to work in my Asus A7V motherboard... When I put it in it says its a 1066MHz and never finishes booting... I can change it to show up as 1400MHz but it then doesnt even get video, so it restarts itself with defaults.... It is NOT the A7V133, its just plain A7V...

The link to the manual (in case anyone actually wants to try figuring this out) is and is 3MB.

Currently I have a 1.2GHz Thunderbird in working fine, but would like to get the 1.4GHz Applebred that ran much better in...


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