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  • I'm rather unfamiliar with MacOS,
    ive used 7x, but i dont really know how it
    works, i wouldnt do anything Serious on mine,
    but just playback some MP3's on em,
  • They can be fun, System 6ing and screwing with all the old apps. Ahh the days...

  • With Mactopic: Kinda strange how MS is making apps for Apple.

    While they are at it, they can make apps for Unix/BSD/Linux.
  • Duff wrote:
    Yea, there is a Virtual PC for Mac, just look on MS's website. I just have it in case I want to use Windows on the Mac.

    My system is:

    PowerPC G4 350 MHz
    256 MB RAM
    10 GB Hard Drive
    16 MB ATI Rage 128 PCI



    I think Q's G3 is better than that.
    A G3 just does not run OSX as well as a G4 does. I believe it's about architecture. So it's not entirely about raw MHz, as we always say.
  • My G3 (The Mactop) is NOT running System 10.

  • Why do you call it System 10? Not only is that not its name, but no one else calls it that. Quit trying to be different and looking stupid. LOL

    It's like me calling Windows XP "Windows 2002". :-?

    But anyway, G4 = G3 + Altivec.
  • Tomchu wrote:

    Im assuming its something like MMX / 3DNow! ?
  • It's more like SSE, but yeah, more or less.
  • I knew there was another one, but I couldnt seem to remember the name LOL
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