BNC shell

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Who wants a BNC Shell, they're great for BOTs in IRC and you can use them as a server.

Email me at if you like to have one.


  • Damn email is down so email it to
  • lol, what is a BNC shell?
  • Or did you mean VNC?

  • Its BNC, if you don't know what it is then google it.
  • IYSS, IRC has a whole weird subculture to it. But I should talk, I've never been!

  • A BNC is a remote unix server that is basicly your own server but yet other people share it with you.
    Heres a few things you can use a BNC Shell for.

    Eggdrop (IRC BOT)
    Game Server
    SQL Server

    Its done though Telnet and SSH, comes in very handy and a lot of people pay like 200 bucks for a dial-up server. This is no lie, I use to trade shells on IRC for a while and hosted a few back in the day. The only down side is everyone shares the ROOT account and you better trust them or they will crash or take it over. When I had mine I let some one I hardly knew have a account and he took it over.
  • Ahh!

    That explains that root SSH access thing with phpMyAdmin!

  • Yea, but this was a while ago. The phpMyAdmin thing was simler, a old IRC buddy of mine that i've known for about four years was helping me on some SSH scripts and it needed a SQL database and he used the wrong command and whiped out my databases. Also he edited the Apache httpd.conf file. He wanted to beable to have webaccess for my SQL server so he didn't have to use the command prompt and type a mile long command.

    Everything is fixed now.
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