Mod a Windows ME CD install

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Hey guys , i got me a WIN ME CD, and id like to put it on the laptop,yea guys i know what you guys,think of ME, but my problemo is that the cd is rigged to run only on a dell dimension4100 , and im wondering if there a way to mod it so it can run on any PC, thanks alot... Justin


  • now do u WANT me, or do u just want it cuz its all you have.

    NO i dont think u can mod em oem discs, but if it will run try win2k, ill even give it to ya if you im me on aim: TopherNET2k or PM me.
  • I think you can mod the PiD... someone around here used to know.
  • Ive never fucked with an OEM cd tho.
  • I WANT Me , cause id like to have soemthing modern on it , my laptop doesnt have enough mem or put 2000 on it and ill drop dead b i put that fucking xp on it
  • I know that Fish did something like this with Dell CDs and 2000. It was like, stick a standard disk in and start Setup, and then stuck the Dell one in. I'd ask him to be sure.

  • OK, I had this anoying 2000 dell CD, that only let you use it on Dells, and it somehow checked that you have a dell, even if you booted to the CD... So what I did in the end was use a non-dell CD that never worked for me to initally start install, then once it rebooted my computer, I switched to the dell CD, because at this point the non-dell one never worked.

    Just download a non-OEM copy.
  • ok that sounds good, anyone know where i may find a place to get it
  • Check your Email...

  • lol what email , but thanks alot :D
  • The one listed in your WB profile ofcourse ::roll: ;)

  • oh yea , i totaly forgot about adding it in my pro, thanks Q --- Justin
  • There should be an Email from me in there. Reply to it.

  • whats the specs of this laptop?
  • sorry Q i havent got it, yet, perhsps you could message it to me, Topher my laptop specs are:

    2.1 gig hard drive
    233mhz Pen 2
    32 megs ram
    2 megs intergrated vid ram
    14.4 inch active matrix display
    2 PCMCIA or soemthing slots
    Infared port
    serial port
    parallel port
    1 usb port
    some odd port i believe is a docking port
    24x cd rom
    1.44 meg flop drive
    running windows 98 SE right now but i WANT, ME , i have a cd but its oem can i have no idea how to mod it to be genertic. If i just copied the win9x folder off the cd could it be burned on cd and used as generic? ~ Justin ~
  • Cool machine! But it can run 2000...
  • what? lol are you sure, i think 2000 needs 64 megs on ram cause when i tried to install it it said not enough mem,
  • i ran 2000 on a 450MHz 28mb ram.....
  • how did you do that, the hell with ME i want 2000 NT is king to FAT32
  • just installed it.... lol
  • damn it, i wish mine would just do that, ofcourse i used it as a upgrade
  • by the way is there a LITE for it, like 98 lite but for 2000
  • 2000Lite is perfect...
  • i dont know why slash doesnt nlite XP. you can get rid of all the stuff u dont like like the welcome screen themes etc....
  • anyone knows where i cound get 2000 lite, BTW im backing up and now im formattign the laptop if BOD can get 2000 on his comp, i WILL find a way to do it too
  • Just tell me your AIM address and I'll send you 2000lite.
  • AIM? lol i have MSN , but ill dl AIM
  • Ok, get it and Ill send you.
  • Some 2k discs, the early 9ones,, like mine say it can run on 32mb of ram, but some 2k discs, newer ones, ususally with sp's slipstreamed, say it needs 64.

    Ive ran it on a 233mhz, 32mb ram before, its good for the most part, but you might need to 2klite some shit.
  • this one doesnt have SP$ that i used...... its an academic edition ;)
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