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What program do you use for removing spyware/adware/whatever on your windows box? Adaware? Spybot? Because it seems with every app I install to do it they find different ones!

My Linux and Mac machines don't have these problems :mad:


  • adaware SE, seems to work
  • Spybot S&D and Spyware Blaster.

  • Adaware, it does a good enough job but i knwo what u mean spybot picks up shit that adaware doesnt, and vice versa.

    I dont usually run spyware scans anymore, i know how to prevent the stuff and all that ever comes up is tracking cookies, and im not too worried about that.
  • Since all I really use now is Ffx, the need for me to use them is like 1/8 of what it 1ce was. I still always install them, especially TeaTimer and SwB just to be safe and inoculate my machine beforehand, but I rarely find anything when scanning.


    PS. SwB blocks tracking cookies ;)
  • I use AdAware 6.0 PRO
  • I've run spybot on machines that used kazaa for many years... scary sight... and it took over an hour to finish some scans....
  • I have a trio of programs I use...

    Webroot Spysweeper 2.x
    Spybot Search & Destroy
    Ad-aware Professional 6.0
  • You have a Mac, rubie?
  • WoW, NOONE uses SwB! That is shocking!

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