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Grr! All the 2003s I've gotten are either crippled or 2GB ISOs that are impossible to burn. I'm in 2000 Pro now and staying here.



  • This is when a DVD+RW comes in handy, don't you think?
  • I'd might as well just BUY 2003 for the cost of that.


    PS. I'm in 2000 and happy with it,
  • lol, if you werent afraid of me i could burn you a dvd copy
  • But I don't have a DVD drive, so what's the use?

  • Well, Q is going XP Pro! Just need to disable the unneeded, gay, crap thats installed with it, and its fine... so here he goes!!!
  • What do you recommend disabling?

    I think I'm gonna rfmt my laptop (again), or just get back the linux partitions. Linux is not for laptops! Maybe I'll put it on a desktop.
  • Yes, it is, Dell is just..just...GAY. thats why. They're designed to only work under Windows!

    if you want a Linux box, get stuff you know that works. I know like mostly all 3COM, ATI, and Creative Labs stuff works.
  • Yea. My friend wants an Dimension XPS :roll:

    I made up a side by side comparison of the XPS vs. homebuilding an identical system. And I didn't even hunt around, I'm sure it could be done for much cheaper. See the comparison TXT file here: http://www.angelfire.com/nj4/pc/xps_comp.txt

    He also thinks he's getting an XPS laptop. I can understand a laptopa bit, but all my desktops from now on are either gonna be from the trash or home built. (If I find an OEM, in Clearance real cheap or something, don't think I'll turn it down. :-D )
  • FYI, "Base" on the comparison is the Base XPS system at Dell. For instance, that only gets you a 3.2 GHz processor, I ran a 3.4. Also, that only includes 512 RAM, I ran 2 Gigabytes of RAM.
  • Dell dektops aare OK, just up the cooling a bit, bu the laptops have bad cooling and performance. Remember when you tried to benchmark your cooling?what was it? like 200*
  • Yea. LOL. Now that I have Seti running on it, I need to find that app again. LMAO!
  • 200*F = a dead CPU...

    170*F is the max before they die...

    My Durons run SETI all the time and stay about 110*F.
  • Let's see just what Inspiron 8x Fan GUI has to say....
    It'll be downloaded in 2 minutes.

    Well, it says 159*, but I know it's gone into the 160's. It's a common problem with this laptop. Now they are made with a copper heatsink and 2 slots in the ram cover (not that that has much to do w/ CPU temp). I have to call and scream some time to get them to replace the heat sink on it.
  • Yikes, your CPU is gonna die. :-)
  • I have my doubts about that...
  • Ok, I did some searching and asked a bunch of people, theres a version of windows 2003 server .net that is over 3GBs but it is made to be installed from hard drive to hard drive. Its a hacked copy of the trial version. To get it working you have to attrib the the damn files and install drivers. Even comes with the i386 directory from the CD so you can use the MS OEM drivers.
  • Over 3GB? Where is the extra 2.5 GB coming from? My Enterprise/Standard CD is about 500 MB.
  • pretty soon m-$ oses are goona be two cds if not maybe more...just like linux
  • But Linuz comes with tools and programs on the other 2 CD's that people ac tually want.
  • LOL. Yah.

    Where's C++ authoring tools in Windows and things of that nature? What? I have to spend a ton of money to have something that Linux gives for free?

    Score for Linux!
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