Windows 98 SE, generic drivers?

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hey guys, sup? my two friends who both in put windows 2000 on their computer. I installed 2000 and it worked fine for me until i left. Now they say their computer dont run at all, incompatiabilities, one says her computer just boots to a blue screen, not the BSOD, just a blue screen with the hourglass cursor on busy. They say its my fault, but i dont know what the hel exactly is wrong cause i have seen the computers myself sinc i first installed 2000. Im thinkking putting 98 SE micro on them but im wondering if there some way to get generic drivers for display, sound and modem? these ARE NOT new computers i think there were bought in 99 or something. Id like to put XP home on them but the activation problem i fucking hate calling MS. Can you guys help a bro out i know im all over the place here but this is getting under my skin. Thanks guys ~ Justin


  • Can't you put XP Pro Corp on them? I mean, does it HAVE to be XP Home? And can the machines take it?

  • lol well lets take a look at the sys requir for pro.....233mhz, 64 mb ram, 1.5gb hard drive space. YES they can , but wait i dont have pro though , you know anyplace were i could " aquire" that.
  • Use Windows 98se. It's fine.
    Use the restore disks if they have them.
    Don't try to upgrade them in any way.
  • Heh, you may try 98se... but not sure it's reliable... so you may consider to use some kind of NT.
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