PC freezes when...

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...atempting to go to hotmail email.

ok heres the situation i'm helping a friend with checking her hotmail email.... going to the site seems to freeze up her PC, this is odd and i'm not sure why thats happening cause it worked fine before.... here her PC specs:

48mb of ram
5gb hdd
1gb swap file
windows 98
IE 6

though i would try to persued her to use firefox, i doubt she would... anyways whats going on here? she can' sign into MSN or check her email.... i tried to setup outlook to connect to hotmail but that didn't work either.... what do yout hink is going on?

also she lives in canada... i doubt thats relivant but i'll mention it anyways


  • Her problem is Windows 98.
  • check M$N's site, they've bin havin loadsa problems latley.....
  • Get her to try going there in Firefox and logging in. If that works then look @ IE, if it fails then run more general tests.

  • spyware and virus check would be a good idea
  • spy ware and viruses checked and none found... and i agree with tomchu on the fact that 98 is a problem... if she had more ram i'd suggest installing 2000 but the problem is she is (and no offense to her) a complete n00b, anyways i'll try ffx... heh maybe i'll convert another~!
  • Maybe a mailing program is the problem... and... that damn win98... I wonder how it can work more than 30 minutes, not speaking about mail send...
  • try reinstalling IE 6 cause ive had this prob b4 and reinstal worked
  • First check to make sure you have IE6... their coding is specified for it. Get IE 6 and get all updates for it. Then make sure you run Windows Update and make sure you get all updates needed. If all should fail afterwards, then try firefox.
  • okay never mind it musta been hotmail & MSN cause it works now i didn't do anything :razz:

    but somthing is messed up on ad aware, tried to update it and it goes to 5% then stops and says its done... then when you open ad aware again it says it can't load the refrence file cause its corrupted... and its deffinatly somthign with lavasoft cause i reinstall ad aware and it did the same thing and it does it on my PC too.... know whats going on with lavasoft?
  • Try scanning with Spybot and then reinstalling AdAware.

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