Is Windows ME ABW?

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Is Windows ME ABW? (Probably Not) If it is, does anyone have it so I can test it on VMware?

(Note: I have to try it in VMware, so I don't wreck any computers with it! lol)


  • No it is NOT. There are still several years before all support runs out on it.

  • Eh? Is this crap still sold? Or only supported, not sold?
  • I beleive it's still sold. I saw a while ago in a store a display with it, saying "Take ME home!". However now they're trying to ditch it in favor of XP Home.

  • I don't know why they even made it in 2000?
    That was based on old 9x kernel and no one was intended to use it.
  • They still sell Windows 2000 pro (I was at Staples), but on the box recommend Windows ME for home use. Strange, I looked all over the shelf and couldn't find a copy of Windows ME.
  • you can still get windows ME but its very expensive, ive seen it for more than XP home....
  • BOD wrote:
    you can still get windows ME but its very expensive, ive seen it for more than XP home....
    Yeah, I've seen 2000 for far more then XP. Here's what MS says about ME's life
    Desktop Operating
    Windows Millennium Edition (Windows Me)

    Systems Date of General Availability
    December 31, 2000

    Direct OEM and Retail License Availability (end date)
    December 31, 2003

    System Builder License Availability (end date)
    June 30, 2004

    Well they aren't licensing it anymore, but I guess there may still be copies sitting around on store shelves.
  • WoW! They killed that one FAST! It wasn't even "generally availible" for more then 4 months!

  • perhaps they saw the light....
  • Unless they were burning their sales reports it's more likely they saw the bottom line...

  • Yeah.... plus they were planning the successor Neptune. Anyone try neptune yet? It's so 2000 like, not bad in my opinion, seems relatively stable, but I tried to upgrade to IE 6.... it sorta merged 5.5 and 6...
  • I know BestBuy still has 2000 and ME and last time I checked they had 98 2nd Upgrade
  • NTL1991 wrote:
    I know BestBuy still has 2000 and ME and last time I checked they had 98 2nd Upgrade
    They should just give the 98 upgrades away to get rid of them lol.
  • lol 98se was better than me, they should have cancelled the ME project and jsut kept 98 out
  • Yea it's like 2000 at work, ME at home...
    XP Pro at work, XP home at home...
    That's why 2000 doesn't have home edition
    Windows ME is WIn2K Home :)
  • Ive Seen ME New for $20AU, Its been there
    for ages.......
  • I can still see NT4 sold in our legal CD-Shops for $80 or something... but who cares... it's Russia! Warez ownz here!
  • In Latvia also warez uses 99,99999% of home users.
  • Latvia?! We're really getting an International following!

  • isnt lativia one of those small countries left over from the ussr or summaat

    btw i got ppl from columbia getting ww dls from me
  • There are MANY small countries left over from the USSR, Latvia is middle of the Baltic 3 (AKA the Baltic states). Who you probably shouldn't mention in the same sentence with the USSR.

  • There is NO USSR for now!
    There are separate countries:
    Russia, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, etc...
  • Yea, but it WAS part of the USSR which is what BOD was asking about.

  • ME stands for Means Evil....
  • HaHaHaH!! I remember writing that! That was almost a year ago!

  • It's still on WW! LOL
  • windows ME was never successful for a number of reasons:

    it was VERY unstable (more so than 98FE)
    there were lots of security weaknesses
    windows 2000 came out shortly after
    it wasn't very compatible with different types of software
    it was alot more expensive than other windows version (well, it was in the UK)

    it was pretty much the same as 98SE, but with a different look (like that horrible My Computer icon that stayed to haunt 2000), and better multimedia capabilities

    if anyone wanted to buy a decent OS, they should just get 98SE, 2k or xp in my opinion, because at least they work :)
  • actually ME came out AFTER 2000
  • it did?
    thats new to me, and it's probably another reason why it didnt sell (i admit to having a copy of it though)
  • The new icon was GREAT! I loved the 2000 iconset.

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