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edited November 2004 in News & Announcements
James Babb has been allowed back to the forums on the following conditions:

He may NOT:
  • Post any new topics
  • Reply to any topics
  • Vote in any polls
  • Use user profiles to SPAM people

However, other board members should not:
  • Try to provoke or taunt him into posting
Any posts made by him and any responses will be deleted AT ONCE. Don't reply to any post he makes, as it will only get deleted.

-WinBoards Staff


  • coolness.... but can't you just set the permissions so that he can't reply or start new threads? i'm not sure how its done on phpBB
  • Heh... I wonder why he wants back if he cant do anything..
  • We're fussing with phpBB to see if we can do that. Hopefully we can so we don't have to go around deleting the stuff he posts.

  • only post I am going to post:

    so basically...I can not do anything, but I can read the posts. Okay. Sounds good.

    And the answer to shell's q:

    So I can read the posts and threads.
  • I'll take that as your agreement and leave it.

    We'd appreciate it if you would login under your normal account so we know when you're around.

    O and I added a condition to the original post that you might want to read.

  • OK... good, but I think soon he will decide to leave the boards...
    I don't think it is cool just to read and not to reply, even not to post.
    If I were Babb, I would leave on that strict conditions...
  • He asked to have read permissions and the needed majority (That
  • babb wrote:
    And the answer to shell's q:

    So I can read the posts and threads.
    This is rhetorical... meaning I don't want to "provoke" you to answer

    But what's the point.... you can't particiapte in the community... so why waste time reading the topics?
  • Observer? Spy? Just wanting to remember the old times in an enforced passive way? I don't know. I can't really imagine this causing problems, considering that he's not gonna pull another Imfamous act again (If he did, it'd just get deleted). I'd IM him if you really want to know, since I don't think it's against the Treaty for you to IM him.

  • on BSF he can reply to stuff he just can't start new threads or edit his posts or edit his profile.... this way he can participate in the community without being able to do too much damage..... he also can't upload avatars
  • I'm not sure about that here. Afterall the Mexican Infamy was a reply... He's welcome to contact me if he wants to talk about something.

  • Does James visit the boards regularly even now?

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