Upcoming server downtime

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OK, as most of you know, Im changing my connection speed to 3.0Mbps / 768Kbps, which should definately make this place faster, but it also means up to an hour or so of downtime while I set up the new modem, forward ports in the new router, and work out minor bugs afterwards.

Im going to also use my existing router as a switch (IF POSSIBLE) instead of using the hub, and Ill keep the hub in my room for my computers there... BUT I may set it all up, then realize that the router doesnt want to work as a switch and have to reconfig everything all over again... so there could be several hours of downtime while I figure it all out for a few days after I begin messing with it, which is any time this week...

So if you try to go to the forum and it times out, thats most likely whats going on...


  • What I think you should do is have this site redirected to a page that says the site is down until you fix the new stuff.
  • trainer4 wrote:
    What I think you should do is have this site redirected to a page that says the site is down until you fix the new stuff.

    But it could go up and down several times, and the page never get setup again for the new times... its not going to be down for an hour then back up... its going to go up and down several times untill I figure it all out, which could be up to but not limited to a week.
  • The router should function as a switch fine.
  • The router should function as a switch fine.

    This is a netgear were talking about.. it doesnt want to do half the crap I want.. So Im doing to set the westell to uplink on one of the ports, then plug the netgear into it, and disable DHCP on the netgear... And see if that works
  • o_O even my Belkin works fine as a switch!
  • o_O even my Belkin works fine as a switch!

    But its also spywarezzz
  • I got my Linksys to work as a switch. Just disable DCHP and trying to get an IP from the ISP and all that stuff, then just plug the cables into the LAN ports (Leave the WAN port empty).

  • Yea.... though I never got that spyware from it. The Belkin just has a "Use as WAP" function.... that disabled router options... and I just plugged the uplink into a port and the pc by it in another port.
  • OK.
    So when will be that downtime?
  • Probably on Tuesday, right Fish?


    PS. That reminds me! I've gotta call Comcast!
  • Tuesday... it should be Wednesday for me...
  • OK Were up to higher speed already... Im uploading at 70KB/sec right now!
  • HaH! Verizon breaks rank!

  • Wow... getting close to my speeds...
  • Nov 16, 2004
    5:49 A.M.



    New modem / router should be here TODAY. Expect an outage this evening / afternoon. Anytime from 3-12 tonight, but it could be tomorrow or the next day that the forum comes back if I cant figure out the port fowarding easily. It looks pretty easy on Westell's site...
  • Planned server outage time has ended... Anything beyond this point is unexpected due to unforseen problems.

    So far the routers working fine, and the old one and modem is sitting in my Verizon-related box.

    I do like some things about this new modem, like the fact that its got the router built in and can forward ports WITHOUT restarting!

    And the status page is cool! Ill post screenies later, but heres a preview!

    DSL Connect Rate (Down/Up) 3360 KBits/Sec by 864 KBits/Sec

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