Another BB update!

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Well, after discovering ANOTHER phpBB update to fix an exploit, it's been upgraded and took like 5 seconds. We're now updated to the latest version, with NO downtime, YaY @ Fish!



  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • i thought u updated php manually through a neural interface, oh well, guess fish was right about that one
  • Even if I didnt, Ive been wanting to redo PHPBB and Apache for a while now, so I'm going to mod a nice new phpbb 2.0.11, put the non-trillian smileys in (theyre getting old), add a few mods that we dont have, like custom ranks, and upgrade Apache. Im going to get started on it this weekend.
  • we could always go back to conforums :-)
  • Mr. C wrote:
    we could always go back to conforums :-)

    LOL, we left that popsicle stand AGES ago
  • we did? then how come im still posting there?
  • Wait, what's this about smilies?

  • Tril smilies are getting cut. :-/
  • winboy wont be too happy about this LMAO
  • Well, Im going to re-arrange them properly, theyre in a horrible order now, and TONS are missing, so I plan on fixing that completely
  • Yea I killed some and didn't edit the PAK right. I'll fix that now...

  • Q wrote:
    Yea I killed some and didn't edit the PAK right. I'll fix that now...


    Nonono, I mean, TONS of the Trilly ones are missing, I just never got around to finishing that project.
  • Yea, but the PAK inport that I did made MESS. If you look in the smilies there are several missing. I properly removed them from the PAK file, so now they shouldn't showup when you redo this.


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