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I've been searching for it...

I don't know where it can be found. Help?


  • That depends... which version of Publisher are you looking for?
  • ive got 97 i think
  • I've got 2000 and xp, but that isn't exactly abandonware....
  • I have 2003 one.
    And then, 95, I use only legal software and against warez! :)
    If you need a program, buy it.
  • Kinda wierd that you're against warez in a country that allows it...but why not buy it, for $1.25 from some guy on the corner?
  • I think that Russias copyright laws are kindof lax, which may make his statements strictly true.

  • Just Kidding, Guys.
    The only legal software I've used is some freeware shit! :)
    I just wanted to let him know that publisher is a w@R3z right now, cuz its still supported, and he shouldn't ask for it here. :)
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