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[Taken down temporarily]

Ahh sunk! There's a bugfix out that he hasn't upgraded to yet, I'll wait before reposting the link.

Evidently nightice got WinWiki up and running. If you had a tutorial in mind that you wanted to write or something else that would go well on a Wiki, try it!


PS. You don't have to create a user to edit it, however it's suggested and Fish and Jim should so NI can make us Administs.


  • Of course I would. I'd also like you to abbreviate my name to ice, not NI, k? :)

    .....there's a bugfix?

    EDIT: It looks like most of it applies to other languages. For space's (50MB) sake, I removed everything but english.
  • There are some all around updates, I'd advise trying to update, if you can just overwrite stuff.

  • Neat-O. Can't wait to see it...

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