WinBoards Penal System (Rules enforcement)

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Since a forum or any community of any reasonable size requires a system to regulate it, and hence a uniform way of dealing with those who don't follow the regulations.

Basic structure

The basic means of enforcement, beyond warnings, deletions of true worthlessness, restrictions of overused features, etc, is a strike, similar to the kind in baseball. A strike will be given by the Administration for truely egregious conduct, and by a majority agreement, a significant majority if the strike will entail of the three "Outs" that occur when a user is given a certain number of strikes.

If a member of the Administration is under consideration, the vote is taken as though s/he was not an administrator/moderator, and the majorites are adjusted accordingly(**).

When a strike is given, it cannot be revoked, except by unanimous (All Administration in agreement) vote.

The number of strikes given will detail the punishment recieived:

When a strike is given there may be a temporary ban, not more then 2 or 3 days.

When 3 strikes are given, the user will be banned for some time, possibly a week or more, although not more then 2 weeks.

If/when the user is allowed to return, s/he will retain all 3 strikes, and will contine to recieive strikes as outlined above. However this time only 2 strikes are needed to give a 2nd "out".The bans are extended to possibly an entire week for the strike, and not more then a month for the 2nd "Out".

If the user is allowed to return again, there will be only one further change at redemption: After the 2nd out, one more strike will result in an infinite ban.

Who may be banned and how?

Registered users are dealt with in the manner prescribed above.

Anonymous IP addresses can be banned without by agreement for any length of time unless they are associated with a registered user, in which case their actions are recorded as belonging to the user.

Guest users with a presence (They are well known, sign themselves in a similar way always, use the same IP or IP range to post from) may be treated as normal users or anonymous IPs, depending on the acts committed and the dispossision of the Administration.

What are the required majorities?

For our current purposes (That is, the current population of the Administration), majority is 2.1/4.1 or better (*).

For our current purposes (That is, the current population of the Administration), significant majority will be 3.0/4.1 or better (*).

These and any other parts that deal directly with the number of Administrators, they're votes, etc, should be expected to change as Administration come and go.

Who is currently at what stage in this system?

0 Outs

0 strikes

1 strike

2 strikes

3 strikes

1 Out

0 strikes

1 strike

2 strikes

2 Outs

0 strikes

1 strike

3 Outs

IBM - Constatly posted waste, started fights, and gave the atmosphere an unhealthy tinge

This list will be edited by the Administration to update it as needed.

The difference between a certain number of strikes and the "out" is that a user with, say, 3 strikes is still banned, however a person with 1 out and 0 strikes has been readmitted.

Any marginal notes?

*Notes on Administration notation: Administrative votes are 1.0, Moderator votes are 0.1, so a vote of 2 Administrators and 2 Moderators would be 2.2

**That is, if an Administrator was under consideration, the vote total would be 3.1, a majority would be 2.0, and a significant majority would be 3.0.


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