Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0.1

edited April 2004 in Software
Somehow my Acrobat reader v5 srewed up, And so I downloaded Version 6. I choose to download Photoshop album with it. The install took ages, And now I know why. The damn program is about 211mb! Why? I think version 5 was about 30mb. Why does software nowadays have to be over 200mb? If you want to install a stupid game, It can take up to 4gb hdd space. And why? another example: Microsoft Word. It takes about 200mb to install (not much compared to Acrobat), But Wordperfect 5.1 for DOS did the same thing, without all that bloat, and started in about 5 secs on a 386. Word takes ages to load on my PIII. Talking about efficiency...
Acrobat does work perfectly, but in my opinion it is way too large. Why does software have to be so large.. WHY???

Ow yeah: Don't install Photoshop album: It sucks. Go and download Photoshop 7 or something from P2P.


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