Nice ActiveX based AV scanner.....

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Now, everyday, you get those dumb popups for Virus Scanners. Now, here is an ActiveX based one made by TrendMicro which is a leading manufactorer of Anti-Virus Software. To scan now, to go This is not a gay one that you get popups and ads for and is only good for one try. this is free 100% and can be used as many times as needed. Scans all drives and fixes them all.

Here is a screenshot......


  • YOu see, its ActiveX, nobody but you and winman are using IE... which means nobody but you and winman support activex....

    Plus, it only scans... it doesnt fix the problem.
  • I only used IE to try it. I use MOzilla now :P
  • I can't get this to work in FireFox. Had to use IE. -_-

    It can CLEAN, I believe, Fish.
  • HouseCall cleans (a +)
    HouseCall is IE only (a -)
    Norton is all browsers (a +)
    Norton doesnt clean (a -)
    i dunno about mcafee?
  • I don't trust ActiveX crap. Only if its from big software companys that I know such as Apple, Microsoft, Adobe, Macromedia...etc...
  • Even then, I still NEVER use it.. FireFox doesnt even support it cause its so evil!
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