Urgently needed:The original, diskette version of Windows 95

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  • just get the cd and put the files onto floppy disk
  • yea, but then ill have to format them at a crazy size.
  • Use WinImage.
  • I downloaded the Win95 original off WW and it's on 14 disks. Wee! No Explorer! Every disk is 1,69MB or something like that, so I'll just reformat my 1,44MB disks in WinImage to be 1,72MB. WOOT!
  • Format the disks as 1.68MB DMF. For disks 2-13, place the CABs onto the disks. Everything else goes onto the first. Extract SETUPP.INF from PRECOPY1.CAB. Find the ProductType key. Here's a list of valid ProductType values:
    ProductType=1: Upgrades without asking for CD KEY (serial number)
    ProductType=2: Asks for 10-digit CD KEY
    ProductType=3: Wants a floppy install - doesn't work.
    ProductType=4: Fails - Error - previous ops system installed.
    ProductType=5: Works - asks for CD KEY, but won't take valid keys- can "ignore" ProductType=6: Works OK (?) (?)
    ProductType=7: Fails - Error - previous op system
    ProductType=8: Fails - Error - previous op system
    ProductType=9: OEM non upgrade version: Asks for OEM certificate number.

    This is for 95 OSR2 but it might work.
  • should the Precoopy.Cab be on a disk togeder with on the disk 2?
  • I think it's disk 1.
  • Ok.. mine has ProductType=8. What is that?
  • I don't have Windows 95 handy to test this on. I think that 8 is a full install. Are there any other Windowses on there?
  • Ok.. Copying.. Wonder if it'll work?
  • Dunno, cuz never worked for me but I tried!
  • I copied it all, but when I run setup the computer reboots.. Werid...
  • Use SetupCor.Exe
    I had that problem once.
    Or try to run the setup from DOS5.
  • I dan't have no file that's "SetupCor.exe"...
  • Ah wait... Really it first appeared in 98SE. Can you copy it from there? But I doubt that will work.
    Just run the setup from old good DOS 5.0
  • Must I install it or just the Bootdisk?
  • It looks like your ProductType is bad... Try editing it and rerunning Setup.

  • I have 8. Is it just to change it to 9?
  • ok. I'll try that today..
  • Anyone here have an "OEM certificate number" then?

  • didnt disk 2 have a virus?

    OEM Number? Yes... One sec



    27497-OEM-0025347-80387 (thanks Q)

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    Know what? I have a craving for WIndows 95 in VMWare right now... Im gunna do that...
  • This one is for OSR2, but it should work on the original.

  • Mine are bettter ;)
  • Do you have a Getting Started book with the Certificate of Authenticity on front? :P
  • ive got legal copies of 98, NT4 and 3.51 and XP
  • Hey, that gives me an idea for a thread...
  • 3.51?! How did THAT happen?

  • my das work threw out a box of stuff
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