Office97 Download is down

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OK... It is down for already a week...


  • OK I pointed both it and Lotus SmartSuite 96 to me.

  • /me volunteers to pick up slack if needed
  • What do you have on you now?

  • ive got 15GB free on my server, im sure i can host something
  • But @ what speed? You keep talking about BTs terrible speeds so I think we should know about the true capabilites of your server from a users POV.

  • Maby if you used a decent client, BT wouldn't rape your connection.

    Maby something that can actually limit speed or get a program that can limit your upload.
  • BitTornado limits if you want. I was uping at over 100k to them the other day, that gives you an idea of my speed.

    Q, I posted what I have in another thread.
  • I mean already linked to you.

  • Q,

    I have:
    DirectX30a.exe 1006 K 01/09/2004
    DirectX5NT4.rar 888 K 13/09/2004
    Excel21d.rar 2756 K 13/09/2004
    IIS1.rar 1169 K 01/09/2004
    LapLink6.rar 5607 K 13/09/2004
    NT351SP5.EXE 12 M 31/08/2004
    NT35SP3.exe 8859 K 30/08/2004
    Orgchart2.rar 468 K 13/09/2004
    Scenes.rar 193 K 01/09/2004
    ScenesWColl2.rar 932 K 01/09/2004
    Thumbs.db 6656 b 24/12/2004 :)
    W98StartsHere.rar 111 M 16/09/2004
    Windows95Orig.rar 20 M 14/07/2004
    Windows98FE.rar 157 M 14/07/2004
    Word11a.rar 4200 K 13/09/2004
    Works3.rar 5604 K 13/09/2004
    aolim16.exe 832 K 01/09/2004
    sesp15en.exe 10 M 30/08/2004
    sr1off97.exe 8682 K 13/09/2004
    sr2bof97.exe 23 M 14/09/2004

    Not using much bandwith, I can probably take it on.
  • I already know that...

  • I know you do but you asked when I said it was posted somewhere so I pasted it in again.
  • Alright, lets continue that discussion in the OTHER thread, since Office 97 is up and running.

  • Cool! It's fixed!
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