I got red hat

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I haven't used it yet. Is it any good? How is it different from the other distros?


  • I've used RH9, from what I used it was a good OS, although it did take 3 CDs. It was rather customizable as far as the install. I haven't used any other flavs other then Debian (sucked) and SME 6 (Textonly svr).

  • red hat's very good mostly because of its gui installer and tools. the only thing that stinks about redhat is that mp3 support is disabled (you have to download a plugin) over all, it is better than mandrake (whatever you do, dont get it. ads everywhere!) and it is just about the same as suse. just dont use gnome as your primary gui, it sucks!
  • LoL!

    I haven't tried Mandrake, and everyone says it sux, so I'll avoid it...


    PS. Yea, GNOME SUXX!!!
  • i have red hat 9 and i used it for awhile, its pretty good

    and GNOME and Mandrake realy Sux0rs
  • KDE all the way! :D

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    mandrake sux because they are putting advertising all over thier desktops and they have done something where you cant block popups in mozilla. plus i didnt like that scrolling ad bar on top of the taskbar.

    also why are the people in the desktop linux community choose gnome as thier primary desktop, it is uncustmizable, slow, and buggy! when i first used it the taskbar crashed in five min! the only programs i like out of gnome is Grip and their system monitor
  • :? saying that a desktop manager suxxx is not a good jugment. but it certainly is when it comes with gnome in it. have you (anyone) try others, like Wmaker, Enlightenment, Icewm or Flux/Black-Boxes? those make some differences from the kde & gdm, and by the way mdk9.x.x fails in success because adssssss uncontrol.
  • linux mandrake suxxx :oops:
  • guest wrote:
    :? have you (anyone) try others, like Wmaker, Enlightenment, Icewm or Flux/Black-Boxes?
    I have tried enlightment and icevm, they arent powerful enough for me right now. i do use window maker on my laptop.
    im still trying out others, after all linux is about the freedom of choice. 8)

    You probably haven't even tried it.

    There's ONE ad! :roll:
  • mandrake is great

    Well, it really depends on who you are? and what you use your pc for?.
    I used the mandrake version for around 3
  • I don't know where the heck you guys are find all these "ads" in Mandrake, because I certainly haven't seen them. Same goes for this supposed disallowing of pop-up blocking in Mozilla. Personally, I like Mandrake best by FAR of the Linux distros I've tried. I hated pretty much everything about Red Hat.
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    am going to tell you all somthing:

    if someone like the one that has just write something about he cannot dissable the mozilla popups blocker thinks he can mmuch less and ad in his own eyes, nothing personnal, but please sonne exxplain him how tto the first, afterall he needs some serious help.
  • Well seeing as how they are the only ones to make a flav for my architecture, I'm going to install SuSE 1ce I can locally mirror their install tree on my svr.

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