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I have an IBM Thinkpad 560Z.

Preinstall NT 4.0 Workstation.

Since 1998, the OEM install has become, how we say, useless!

I have been searching desperately for over 3 months for a copy of NT 4.0 Workstation, so I can get the 1-spindle machine going again!

How lucky was I to find it ici. But, the link is dead!!

Can anybody find some way to envoyer this thing to me, or put a new link, or ftp or whatever I just need this ASAP!!!!!!


  • Oh yeah....

    I have the sticker and everything, legal and all...

    Only IBM gave a sole backup CD, that can wipe my disk clean and start over (which I do NOT want to do!) and, still I need to find a way to read the cd on a laptop that shipped without a CD-rom drive.

    If I get the full Windows NT 4 CD-rom (or a download or something) I can laplink it to the Thinkpad and be OK.

    Thanks for help.
  • P.P.S.:

    As well, if it were in French, that would be ideal, but if it's English I still want it...

    nice site here...
  • The link is OK, but the server is donw right now, let me bring it back up.

    There back up.

    It's in English, sorry.


    PS. It was down so we could get more OSes and such.

    PPS. We will have NT 5 Beta 1 soon if that's any interest to you.
  • ok thanks much. I really appreciate it.

    will it be up sometime tomorrow around 10am to 4pm? that is when I could download.

    right now here I am on 56kb modem... not going to work, but i'll be at work (with the uberfast lan connexion), how big is the file?

    NT5 Beta 1? That could be interesting...
  • It should be up about then my time (-5 GMT), however:

    It's a ~50MB RAR archive.

    We may be getting a French Windows NT Workstation 4 soon, stay tuned.

  • 50 megs? that awesome!

    how soon? I will likely go for the engrish tomorrow, no biggie i speak OK ;>...

    and reinstall with the francais...

    anyway, the french version would be really nice... I'd like to find a way to get my NetVista with English W2K Pro to be french one too... I borrowed a French CD-rom and it wouldn't make a "upgrade" install, only a separate tho.
  • OK, the server should be up.

    I'm not sure exactly when I'm getting the French one, someone soon I hope.

    The NT4 that we have is just the i386 folder, though.

  • Excellent.

    if you want some older version of Windows / DOS in French, I suggest visiting you have to become membre to download, but they haven't sent anyspammail to me.
  • Thanks, but unfortunately I can't read french.

  • Yeah, I have tons of multilanguages... ill look for NT 4 in french..

    NT 4 is personally my favorite OS, but I never got it to install.....

    And... were not that worried if you have the COA for NT still, its abandonware.
  • FisHNET, it would be really great if you could find that for me. I tried to get the download earlier today, but I couldn't get it to work (I think this was due to a LAN fault on my side, I couldn't get google in less than 5 mins...)

    I do have the COA sticker tho, on the bottom of the machine, reads "Windows NT 4.0 Workstation 1-2 Processor Edition" or something like that.

    I didn't feel much like paying another 20$ American on ebay to get a NT4 set, considering I paid ten times as much when I bought the Thinkpad...
  • Sigh, you didn't get it?

    O well, it'll be here tomorrow.

  • 50MB???

    Id that just the i386 directory from the CD? Unlike windows9x the whole CD makes things better like extra drivers and such.

    Oh by anychance do you know what SP is built in the copy of NT4? I need a copy that has SP4 or higher built in so I can use a harddrive that is more then 2GB. I hate using partition magic and resizing after I install SP4 or SP6.
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