Windows 98 SE Upgrade

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I need 98 SE Upgrade. Unless comeone can explain how to use a Full Version 98 SE OEM as a Upgrade. Also WinMe Upgrade would be nice both of them. Yes both. There was a version of Win Me that cost 49.99 it was to be used to upgrade 98 and 98SE only. Then there was WinMe Upgrade for Win95. I had the 49.99 one but lost it when i moved. Its NOWHERE. Maybe the movers stold it.


  • Windows ME is not abandonware yet
  • BOD wrote:
    Windows ME is not abandonware yet
    But soon it will be! :)
  • You can use the Windows 98se OEM disc to upgrade Windows95 and Windows 98fe. Just boot with the CD or bootdisk and delete the WIN.COM from C:\Windows then run the install. Heres the command.

    cd windows

    This will make the windows98se install overwrite the old installation thinking that there isn't a copy of windows installed already.. If you do not delete the WIN.COM file then it will see windows is still installed and will not install.
  • BOD wrote:
    Windows ME is not abandonware yet
    Niether is 98, technicly.
  • AFAWK, it's also not sold in stores.
  • Obviously you don't know what is called ABW.
    Abandonware are products which are neither sold nor supported. WInMe is still supported.
  • But so is 98 (I think)...

  • HaH! If so, then 98 is not abandonware too!
  • You can find Win98 in some stores. I saw it at Walmart for 89 bucks a few weeks ago.
  • Uhhh... It's not on Walmart's website. And they got everything that they sell online and offline.

    More BS?

    And Windows XP upgrade is already like $99.
  • might have been in the reduced section
  • I can still find 95 in some warez shops
  • That's a warez shop. LOL

    This is a real store.
  • In Russia, Omsk, warez shops ARE real stores.

  • LOL Well, You do have a point there...
  • It must be an interesting way of life

  • Need to take a trip over there. Buy cheap, sell for more.

    I was trying to get two CD's off a Russian person and he said you pay $4 and get a CD full of MP3's at 192K
  • /me is buying plane ticket to moscow LOL
  • /me is buying a plane to Vladivostok and a BAM/TSR ticket to Omsk. :wink:

  • Microsoft still supports Windows Update for 98. And it isn't abandonware.

    BTW NT 4.0 just became abandonware recently, so that part of WW is legit now.
  • Q wrote:
    But so is 98 (I think)...

    no. only the components of 98 that are with other windows
    like Media player and stuff...
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