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hey guys not to nit pick or anything but i noticed that on the manin page its says jan 3st instead of 3rd. lol i know its stupid to being that up but i thought i would.



  • LOL, is this a great problem?
  • Sort of, yes. It's embarassing to WW to have that error on the main site.
  • Well, that means Q or Fish have to fix it.
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • fish is hungry for a faster download
  • No, a faster upload. Case in point:
  • LOL, this isn't the first time we've (I am still a administrator on WinWorld) screwed up on that. Easy fix though.

  • That was definately my doing, I remember making that news article...

    Grr, since Fish seems to have stopped his FTP, I can't upload the fix!

  • ftps back haha, some retard kept downloading old crap off it, so i stopped it
  • Poorness. "old crap" ? LoL!

    OK, I uploaded the correction.

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