I have a profesinal setup of Apache

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You know how some of you are hosting other websites on your webservers right?

Well is it setup to use your home web root directory like C:\Program Files\Abyss Web Server\htdocs

Well I got mine setup so there isn't a mess in my web root directory.
That scarie HTTPD.CONF file you all hate, well I have it set to use multiple *.CONF files to give client they're own web root directory with out them having to use my web root.

C:\www\webroot (My web root)
C:\www\usr-bin\[user] (Their web root)

Also its setup that they would just have to use http://tcpmeta.dyndns.org/[user]

This way if some body trys to take down some one's site from my server they won't enterfear with mine. Even though its kinda hard to take over a site.

pretty cool if you think about it. Still need to make SQL able to not beable to delete or see my databases and let the users handle theirs with out interfering with anyone else.


  • Yeah, that's kind of what everyone who knows what they're doing does ... Except why do you have a dir called usr-bin? Websites aren't binaries.

    I've got D:\Sites, where I've got www.tomchu.com, webmail.tomchu.com, etc.
    MySQL is simple, D:\MySQL\[database]
  • I have it called usr-bin because thats the name i chossed for it. Hell if I wanted I could of called it fuckoff lol.
  • (wrong)

    Oh yeah, well mines in C:\Program Files\Abyss Web Server\htdocs !!!!
  • Some Perl and PHP scripts don't like spaces in the complete directory for the htdocs webroot.
  • My PHP is in c:\php and my PERL is in c:\PERL
  • Yes but some scripts want more then just the directory for the Binary. I have a few scripts that want the Absolute directroy of where a directory that holds images or other snips of code.
  • You see, Im never going to NEED things that you have, hell you dont even use em!
  • At least Apache can run Flash, Abyss couldn't for some stupid reason.

    EDIT: Really it was more of the content of my flash site (www.shellnet.tk). It's arranged in .txt files. The flash animation worked, but it wouldn't pull the text out of the .txt files to display it properly.
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